Top Ten Chart Thursday 31st May 2012 Rock Chart

Rock Chart

1. Why Do I Feel So Dumb? by GORDiN BONES
2. #PeepShow by ConverseSocial
3. Rock The Bass (Forthcoming Tempa Traxx) by GenesisOfficial
4. the summer people by pretzels malone
5. The Love Gene. by The Sporz
6. Ain’t by The Always Unprofessional
7. Designer girl by Tarnz Blackheart
8. The Youth by psycho-horses
9. [ai]-e by sky_rockets
10. Defunct! and Paulo Pacco – Pulse (MALO & Inside Pico RMX) SC EDIT [Lo-Fi] by Inside Pico

About Barclaybunch

Barclaybunch (aka David Barclay) is a singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist from Wales. Influenced by many different types of music, culminating in his own style. He writes in many different genres and lets ideas shape the music. This isn't an art form he can switch on or off, it seems to well up inside him and obtain inspiration from anything to everything.
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