Top Ten Soundcloud Chart Thursday 7th June 2012 Rock Chart

Rock Chart

1. Savant – Random Beats Vol 1 DONT FORGET OVERWORLD EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NEW AND SHIT by Aleksander Vinter
2. Generation i by Collecting Pool
3. Animotion – Obsession (A Pied Piper Processed Remix 2012) FREE DOWNLOAD AFTER  100 SAVE-TO-FAVES by PiedPiper
4. Torus – Machine Shop Rock [Clip] by Torus
5. Michael Jackson – Beat It (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs
6. Robin and the Backstabbers – Sat dupa Sat by RobinandtheBackstabbers
7. Broken by KEANA (Soulstice: Luna’s Dream Book Soundtrack) by TroublemakerMusic
8. Suzanna by Silver Trembling Cleavers
9. OCEAN VOYAGE ( original ) by spectrum_one
10. Inside Pico – For You (original mix) SC Edit [Lo-Fi] NoMaster by Inside Pico

About Barclaybunch

Barclaybunch (aka David Barclay) is a singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist from Wales. Influenced by many different types of music, culminating in his own style. He writes in many different genres and lets ideas shape the music. This isn't an art form he can switch on or off, it seems to well up inside him and obtain inspiration from anything to everything.
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